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Kolhapuri Pandhara Rassa

Recipe  (To see this recipe in Marathi Click Here) :

First take 500 gms chicken pieces & put 2bowls of water and 4 pinches of salt and get it boiled. Separate the water (stock) and chicken pieces. In onegrated coconut add 2 bowls of hot water and grind it. Strain the coconut milk and throw away the residual. Put 50 grams of Relish Pandhara Rassa Masala in the coconut Milk and mix it properly. Heat 2/3 teaspoons of oil and add 3 Black peppers, 3 cloves, 2 pices cinnamon (½ inch) & 2/3 green chilies.Fry it properly. Add Chicken water (stock) and Coconut milk to it. Keep on stirring to boil, add water to favorable thickness and add salt as per taste.

Tips : Once the Rassa is boiled it should not be re-boiled again. Rassa should be made hot by continuously stirring it 50 g. masala can be used to make 20 bowls of rassa. Remaining chicken pieces can be added to any other chicken dishes.

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