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Kolhapuri Chicken Biryani

Primary Prepration

Add 1 cup curd to 500 gms chicken pieces, 1 tea spoon ginger - garlic paste, 1 tea spoon chilli powder, 1/2 tea spoon turmeric; 1 tea spoon lemon juice, salt to taste. Mix it well and keep aside for 30 minutes. Take 500 gms of Basmati Rice and wash it well and keep it 15/20 minutes. Add 2/3 drops of preferable edible colours in some water.

Recipe  (To see this recipe in Marathi Click Here) :

Take a vessel. Put 50 gms of oil, put 1 vertically chopped onion;3-4 green chilies (chopped) and fry till brown. Add 1 tea spoon of Relish Chicken Biryani Masala fry it till smells delicious. Add the marinated chicken, add salt to taste and cook for 10 minutes and then keep aside. In 1 Ltr water add 2 tea spoon of oil, 4 cloves, 1 tea spoon of black cummin, salt to taste and boiled to high temp. Add the washed rice in it and cook up to 90%. Take another vessel put 1 layer of coocked chicken & put the 1/2 cooked rice spread 2 to 4 drops of colour. Garnish it by fried onion, pudina and coriander leaves. Put another layer of rice, chicken, clour & fried onion, coriander, pudina leaves and go on adding layers. Lastly put 2-3 spoons of ghee. Put tava on sim gas and put the biryani vessel over it, cover the lid tightly and keep lid over it, so that smell and steam do not go away. Cook it for 10 minutes serve hot.

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